Friday, December 25, 2009

“Time of Separation”

Subtle and soft, but

A man of mettle you are.

The Almighty loves you a lot

But you say hatred is there.

I say I am writing

But know not what to write,

And it’s the best I can do

But words have stopped flowing through my mind

‘Coz it’s not about love anymore

It’s not about a war,

But it’s about the amity so pure

That we shared and will ever, forget not.

The days which were golden

Are the days, which are past.

The moments we’ll cherish

Are the moments, which are done.

This is the time of separation my friend

And our eyes are full of brine.

Tears are crying to loose control

But they are weak to let go down.

Our time is now and we’ll depart

But your face will always

Linger in my mind

You may say, why tell a lie,

But it’s the only fact and yet so disguised.






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sreejoy said...

To my Friends from NIT-P