Friday, December 25, 2009



"Silent Yell"


Silence surrounds me

Yelling so loud

My ears are paining

And eyes are shrinking in sound

I'm pale and desire to scream

But I'm dumb,so no such dream

My heart's beating low

And I'm gonna die

But nothing's in my hand

Even my hands, are not with me

All my dreams are dead

All my hopes are fake

I'm lost in darkness

Even darkness, is so pale

My soul wants to cry

Even my eyes are full of brine

My lips are shaking in fear

Even fear, is so divine

My way is lost in tears

My destiny left me

I'm in arms of none

Even none, is so dear

Finally I'm,in a world so void

Still surrounded by yell of care

I'm tired of living my life

Even my life; is no more near....



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