Friday, December 25, 2009

                                                    "Forgive me

                                                     Trying to hold the sea
                                                      Behind his bold eyes
                                                      He was reciting his heart.
                                                      The truth was so ugly
                                                      His heart was full of shame
                                                      He was on the verge to weep
                                                      But the tears never fell.
                                                      Each word he uttered
                                                      Pinched a knife in him
                                                      His soul yelled loud
                                                      But the voice was heard by none.
                                                      He made his heart bold
                                                      To look up one time
                                                       But his conscious was so killed
                                                      That fall was, the only part.
                                                       His work was done then
                                                       And darkness was all around
                                                       He committed a crime
                                                       And forgiveness was crying afar.
                                                       He wanted the people beside
                                                       To hold his hand and show care
                                                       But there was none, he knew
                                                       As he was reciting to him.



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