Sunday, January 24, 2010

Leave Me Not”

Solus I am now

More will be then

When we both will apart

In this evanescent world.

Neither will be my fault

Nor will be yours

But there’ll be hiatus

Betwixt you and me

Though this elegiac ode I sing

Though my eyes are full of brine

Though I know, never you be mine

Still I burn the hope inside.

Hope to bring you back again

Hope to make you laugh

Hope to give you all the love

That I preserved by the years.

Can I feel the essence of you?

Can I melt the woman in you?

Can I get the love so pure?

Forever I lost, which for sure.

Never shall I make you cry

Never will I break your heart

Never will the doors be shut

Which were often close for your heart.



Anonymous said...

whta is this??
a measure of verbosity!!!

Krishna said...

AWESOME sirji... u r gr8..