Friday, December 25, 2009


".....But There's pain"


My search for love, is in vain

There's is no pleasure but there's pain

Oh! so poor of me

Life is sad and so am I.


Wailing solus,at a dark nook

My soul hates, speaking to me

Guilty I’m it makes me feel

And asks me why, the world is cruel?


Tired I’m wailing so long, but

Know not when can I; see me,

The one disguised, in dirt of faith

The one used, for none's usage.


Now; standing amidst the fire of lust

I pray to you, my Almighty

Let my soul be free to fly

To search the genuine, love of mine.


But; will my search end someday?

Will the world, be kind enough?

Will I be resting for a while?

Before I sleep, for eternal time.



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